Homes of the Future???
I think these are some really cool pictures of some really cool homes! 
Listen to your body!
I again found another article. This one is about Looking for warning signs and what they might mean. If there anything out of ordinary about your health, body, etc. you need to listen and go see a doctor and take the appropriate steps to help your body! Here's the article 
Sleep Deprived
I will be writing and talking about sleep and how it effects you, etc.  in depth later in the week, but for now since I found this article I thought it may be helpful to some. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/6-Ways-Lack-of-Sleep-is-usnews-4244760345.html?x=0
Prevent your laptop from dying? 
I found this article very interesting and wanted to share! http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upgrade-your-life/upgrade-life-tips-laptop-batteries-last-longer-192456763.html
15 "New" Ways to use your microwave?
When I saw this article on www.yahoo.com I knew I had to blog about it! This article is basically 15 ways to use your microwave. I honestly think this will save people so much time and they will say "Wow, How come I didn't think of that?" So here's the link the post http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/food/15-who-knew-uses-for-your-microwave-2527346/