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Hurricane Irene
I just wanted to come on here and blog about Hurricane Irene. I live in the south so I'm used to all hurricanes, tornadoes, tropical storms, floods and droughts, but the northern states aren't. I feel so bad for the people that live in the north that were hit by hurricane Irene especially New York. The buildings in NY are so high that the winds could break windows and who knows what else. Luckily for where I live there wasn't that much damage, just a ton of trees down. And I only lost power for a total of 15 hours which we did not deserve to get our power back because there were so many people that lost power before us. So it's just not fair. There's so many street lights out it's ridiculous. I'm really scared to drive because I heard this story of a man I believe in Virginia beach or somewhere around there and he went out and the street light was out and he ended up dying. The police came out and said that if the street light was working he obviously probably wouldn't be dead. So if you're driving in unknown territory or after a storm Please be careful! I'm going in town to drive and look at the damage today. I've gotten so many texts and phone calls from people telling me that there's tons of street lights out, etc. So I will be driving around, looking at all the damage. If I remember I'll take some pictures and upload them right here, but I might forget so please forgive me. And my heart goes out to all the people affected by this terrible hurricane. 
Good Deals at Rite Aid this week (8/21/11) 
Rite Aid is having some pretty good deals this week and I'm just going to run over some of the deals that I'm going to take advantage of. 

8oz. Rite Aid Hand Sanitizer- $1.00 but you get back $1.00 in UP rewards (FREE :))
2.6 oz. Boiron Arnicare gel- 6.99 but then you get back 6 in UP rewards (.99)
Gel 4 oz, roll on 3 oz. Max freeze pain relief- 6.99 but you get back 6.99 in UP rewards (FREE
Spray 4 oz, roll on 3 oz. Stopain spray- 7.99 but you get 7 in UP rewards (.99)

Now if you have any UP rewards to start with you're lucky!
Walgreens Free Fish Oil

I know it's Saturday (8/20/11)and the sales end tomorrow (Sunday 8/21/11) but I feel foolish if I didn't share this with you. There is a sale going on at Walgreens (Wags) and basically you pay $10 for Omega Smart Fish Oil 60 ct I believe and get $10 back in Register Rewards (RR). So it's like getting it for free. Now there is a $2 off printable coupon out now which will be linked right here I believe there is no limit, but I could be wrong. Go out and take advantage of this great deal before it's too late!! But again I have to warn you that before you start any medications, Talk with your doctor to make sure it's right for you! Enjoy!